In McNulty’s action packed debut supernatural horror novel Sleepers Awake we are introduced to the mysterious Ministry of the Wraith. The Ministry of the Wraith is a darkly secret supernatural organization that utilizes a worldwide network of wraiths, ghosts, that hunt down supernatural threats to humanity.

Once the threat has been verified the Ministry of the Wraith dispatches a deadly undead bounty hunter to destroy it.

In Sleepers Awake, the first book of the Ministry of the Wraith series, we meet Bishop Kane. Thirty years ago Bishop Kane was killed trying to destroy his beloved daughter, in a bid to save the world from what she would one day become. After his death he was welcomed into the Ministry of the Wraith to serve as a hunter eliminating supernatural threats around the world.

Thirty years later Kane is sent back to the same small town where he was killed all those years ago to face off against a familiar foe. His daughter.

Kane’s prey is the wife of the of the small town sheriff, a woman adored by her family and friends alike, but who is hiding a deadly secret that is about to be unleashed upon the unsuspecting town. When the Sheriff foils Kane’s assassination attempt on his wife a series of events are put into motion that rips through the tiny mountain town like an avalanche. As darkness falls more and more peaceful citizens are transformed into the Zijin, a race of deadly, hellish, blood-thirsty monsters.

As the darkness grows a menacing army of spectral beasts emerges from the shadows led by the woman both men have loved, and whom both men have vowed to kill before the next sunrise. To protect the remaining huddled and terrified townspeople, both men may have to pay the ultimate price.

Fans of fast paced, action packed supernatural horror thrillers are sure to love this exciting new series.




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